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20% OFF* TK6™ Trade Show Truss Displays

  • 6 Way Cube to Truss Section - Knobs & Pin Connection
  • Truss  to Truss Section - Knobs & Pin Connection
  • Truss Section to Base Plate - Knobs Connection

6-Way Cube and Knob Connectors

The TK6™ truss display's nucleus is its 6-Way Junction Cube and Patented Knobs and Pin Connectors. TK cubes are made of steel and TK6™ truss sections are available in either Steel or Aluminum. Junction boxes can be custom designed to meet any requirement needs (different angles or sizes) these TK6™ cube to truss section can be assembles in less than nine seconds and are also powder coated in one of Five Standard Colors, Custom Finish also available. U.S. Patent: 8707653

Truss to Truss Section Connections

TK6™ Truss to Truss section assemblies are the fastest in the trade show display industry, the Patented Knobs and Pin Connectors can be joined together straight or curve TK6™ sections together in less than nine seconds. TK6™ truss straight or curve sections are available either made of Steel or Aluminum. TK6 Trusses, Cubes, knobs and pin connectors make your Trade Show Booth Highly Customizable and can be reconfigured differently for each show you exhibit.

TK Truss Base Plates

TK6™ Base plates and Mounting plates are used to support and / or attach TK6™ truss columns and beams to the floor or wall. Typically these plates have Grade 5 / 3/8” zinc plated studs spot welded in the center for revising the 3/8” Knob. Some have 9/16” holes for anchor bolts. Like all our TK6™ parts, Base plates can be custom designed to meet any requirement need to attach a TK6™ structure to a permit surface. All TK™ sections are powder coated in one of Five Standard Colors, Custom Finish also available. TK6™ and TK8™ are covered by U.S. Patent: 8707653.

20%* Off Sale,is on all TK6 and TK8 Truss display booth kits shown on this site only, Good thru January 1st 2016

TK6 Truss Display Categories

Durable and Sturdy

All our TK truss displays are built to last a lifetime. We guarantee it! Our truss display booths are made of tubular aluminum or steel that are TIG and/or MIG welded, and power coated for durability and reliability.

Ease of Assembly

The TK6™ Booth systems require NO TOOL for assembly. Seriously, you don't need a single tool besides your hands! Simply insert our Patented Knob and Pin Connectors into any various TK truss section (the lineup pins automatically engage), creating perfect truss section alignments.

Fast to Assemble

TKTruss™ displays are the fastest assembling trusses available anywhere. The Knob and Pin Connectors make it possible to assemble two sections of TK truss in less than 14 seconds.